Benedictine University Preventing Parapoisoning Questions

1) “One of the most sinister features of DDT and related chemicals is the way they are passed on from one organism to another through all the links of the food chains.” (Carson, 1962) Since we know that many of these harmful chemicals are passed down through food chains, how might future exposures to these harmful chemicals be limited? Do you think that certain dietary lifestyles are linked to more chemical exposure than others? 2) Carson wrote, “In Riverside, California, eleven out of thirty men picking oranges became violently ill and all but one had to be hospitalized. Their symptoms were typical of parathion poisoning. “ (Carson, 1962) What do you think the big agricultural corporation and institutions such as USDA, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, American Farm Bureau Foundation, etc. should do to lower the cases of farmers getting poisoned from these chemical they’re being in contact with on a consistent basis? Do you think the farming companies the farmers work for are aware of these problems and “chose” not put any actions for better safety? What do you see is ethical for the protection of the companies and employees and consumers involved?

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