Balance Scorecards & Blockchain and Bitcoin Questions

I’m working on a computer science writing question and need support to help me learn. Refer chapter 6 from the attached book and write 2 pages on the below Question and one of the references should include the attached book for this question.  Q) Review the section on knowledge creation, culture, and strategy from chapter 6.  Explain how balance scorecards impact knowledge creation, culture, and strategy.  Why are these important concepts to understand within an organization?  Answer the below three questions in 2 pages. (No need to refer to the book for the below two questions )  Q) Find favorable and unfavorable articles about both blockchain and bitcoin. Report your findings, then state your own opinion about these technologies.  Q) Find the information security policy at your place of employment or study. Is it a good policy? Does it meet the standards outlined in the chapter?  Q) How diligent are you in keeping your own information secure? Review the steps listed in the chapter and comment on your security status. 

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