Augusta University Perspective on Environment and Health PhotoVoice Project

Hello Class, below are the guidelines for your PhotoVoice Proposal due before you turn in final PhotVoice project. Also, in case you would like to have a reminder the website below provides information on what PhotoVoice is and how to conduct PhotoVoice. and-resources/photovoice/main (Links to an external site.) * * * **This proposal asks that you upload your one page response to the questions below. For this assignment you do not need to do anything with Pressbooks—the proposal will be turned in via webcourses.** The assignment is meant to get you thinking about your final project. The goal is to have ideas for your final project emerge from the content your participant provides. For your proposal please _**i** **dentify one participant and ask them to kindly take with their phone camera 3 images that represent their perspective on the environment and health, ask your participant to write a minimum of one paragraph and a maximum of one page about each of the images they took and what the images mean to them. And to then please send these to you.**_ This is a very broad question and is intended to allow your participant to answer it in their own unique and personalized way. **Who can be your participant?** 1. a classmate in this class 2. a friend, a fellow student, or family member, a co-worker, or a neighbor * * * Your proposal is a one page answer to the following questions: All answers must be provided in full sentences. 1. Who have you identified to be your participant? (friend, fellow student, co-worker, neighbor?– no need to specify their name when answering this question– just their relationship to you). Are, you planning on meeting with them online or over the phone to discuss the assignment? (Keep in mind that you are not required to meet your participant face-to-face at any point– this assignment can be completed completely via online/phone communication with your participant.) 2. Have you asked your participant to take three images? And, when will they be providing you with these images? (If you already have these please copy/paste them into your proposal.) 3. Have you asked your participant to write at least a paragraph and at most one page about each of the images? And, when will they be providing you with these statements? Also, have you asked your participant to please share their candid opinions, and stated to your participant that they are not required to reveal any personal information or discuss anything that might make them feel uncomfortable? 4. What name would your participant like to use for your proposal and the project? (first and last, only first, a nickname, or a ‘made-up’ name) 5. In the event that your participant is not able to provide you with the images and statements requested, do you have someone else in mind that can be contacted and can provide you with their images and statement? 6. Please ask your participant to write a statement that they freely consent to sharing their photos and written statements with you about their perspectives on the environment and/or health. In your proposal, please confirm that you have included this request in your communications with your participant.

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