AU The Significance of Negotiation Strategic Discussions & Disagreements Essay

Assignment: Effective Negotiations — Objective of Exercise: You have successfully survived the basics of negotiations. Now you have the opportunity to share your learned knowledge of the topic. For this final, you will be tested on a written 7-page paper. For the written portion of this final, you are asked to write a 10-page paper elaborating on the concept of effective negotiation. (the title and reference page will not count towards page count). Please remember that your written paper does not have to be directly related to your presentation or scenario. In your paper, you will need to discuss the following concepts: • Accurate introduction of negotiation • Importance of negotiation • Process of negotiation o i.e. the three main stages of negotiation (prenegotiation, formal, and agreement stages) • Ethical dilemmas in negotiation o i.e. honesty and trust • Accurate conclusion of negotiation Please ensure that you address each section. Each section will need to be labeled with the use of subtitles. Be sure to support and justify your positions and conclusions with references to relevant library resources or reputable sources outside of the library. All written assignments should follow APA requirements. The inclusion of your textbook and three reputable outside references (a total of four sources) are required for the completion of this paper. Please remember that the title and reference page will not count towards the page count. Text book required: Title: Negotiation Author: Roy Lewicki, Bruce Barry, and David Saunders Publisher: McGraw Hill Year Published: 2020 Edition: 8th Edition ISBN: 10: 1260043649 or 13: 9781260043648

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