Ashford University WBS Pedestrian Underpass Paper

#### Option #1: Work Breakdown Structures Carefully read the following case study, then develop a deliverable and process-oriented work breakdown structures (WBSs) for the project described in the case study with a minimum of three layers of breakdown for each breakdown structure (read the interactive lecture and the references provided in the interactive lecture to learn more about deliverable- and process-oriented WBS). You can choose any tool to draw the WBS (e.g., PowerPoint Insert Menu SmartArt Hierarchy; or you can use Visio, Excel or other tools). Case study: Read Sections 1, 2, and 6 in Zhang, Liu, Qin. (2016). Construction of a large- section long pedestrian underpass using pipe jacking in muddy silty clay: A case study. (Links to an external site.) Tunneling and Underground Space Technology Incorporating Trenchless Technology Research, 60, 151-164. Please review the PMSRC sections cited among the reading assignment (in the Interactive Lecture of Module 5) to find out more about some of the tools and software you can use to complete this assignment.

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