Ashford University Physician Assisted Suicide Ethical Dilemma Paper

Identify a professional or personal experience where you were involved in or witnessed an ethically problematic situation. It can be an experience you or a family member had with the health care system, an issue you witnessed in clinicals, an academic integrity issue, or another personal situation you feel comfortable sharing. PLEASE GO OVER WHAT YOU WANT TO WRITE ABOUT WITH ME BEFORE YOU WRITE 1. ethical dilemmas involve a choice between options. (examples: do I speak up? What do I advise mom to choose?) 1. Do not use names or other identifying information. For example, instead of saying “when my uncle Joe was diagnosed with cancer…” say “when one of my family” or ” when a close family member was diagnosed….” 2. Describe the experience and your reaction to it. 1. What were you thinking/feeling at the time of the event or the first time you heard about the event from your family? 2. Any reflections now on this event? Anything you would have done differently? 3. use additonal journal articles or newspaper articles to illustrate all aspects of the issue. 1. Which ethical principles were involved? 2. Were there conflicting ethics & values APA FORMAT 3-4 pages + cover page

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