ARCH DC Advantages and Disadvantages of Tel Akko Discussion For example community engagement is an advantage in tel Akko * The three components of the TAP’s community engagement initiative are “targeted community outreach, a study of the impact of heritage on Akko’s many stakeholders, and a program designed to bring together diverse communities by means of the message of a shared heritage.” * Goals of this initiative are the development of future archaeologists, the connection of Akko’s residents to their heritage, and the conservation of Akko’s heritage. * Overall they hope that achieving these goals will encourage an atmosphere of “empathy, co-existence, and collaboration” in Akko. * In order to better understand the impact of heritage on Akko’s residents, the TAP undertook a campaign of interviewing local residents, heritage professionals, and tourists. * The interviews revealed a wide range of opinions about the impact of Akko’s UNESCO World Heritage status on local residents. * Akko’s status generally did not have an effect on tourists’ decisions to visit Akko. * The team also recorded qualitative information about tourist activity and found that tourists usually only spend one day in Akko as part of a larger trip. * disadvantages will be a lack of history and excavation but there is not a lot of things on it in the website i * * check the jaffa webesite and see if there is an adavantage

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