AOU Problems Encountered By Industrial Companies Research Paper

I’m working on a writing case study and need support to help me learn. As a solution to choose problem to focus on within the subject area is to ask companies and organizations, as they may have encountered problems that they do not have time, knowledge or resources to investigate themselves. – **1. Give two examples of subject and related problem proposed by an industrial company in the area of your interest.** **2. You are required to describe for each one the subject area and the selected problem.** **3. Write a project proposal for each one by following the structure of a project proposal.** **4. Apply a checklist of each project proposal.** – Requirements: Your paper should be **2-3 pages in length** , not counting the reference pages, which must also be included.Include **at** **least Two scholarly reference**. The paper must follow **APA style** guidelines, as appropriate.

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