Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge DRDP Classroom Assessment Tool Discussion

I’m working on a social science discussion question and need an explanation to help me understand better. Please respond to Genoveva with 180 words **Knowledge:** ● DRDP is a child observation tool aligned with foundations.. ● ECERS is a classroom assessment tool designed to measure the quality of a classroom. ● ASQ is a developmental screening tool that pinpoints developmental progress in children of upto five years in age. **Skills:** ● I have learned how to rate a child that I am observing by using DRDP. ● I have learned how to assess and rate the quality of a classroom by using ECERS. ● I have learned how to fill out an ASQ form according to a child’s age. **Beliefs:** The knowledge and skills that I have listed are important because they help assess a child and show where the child is at with their developmental progress. It also helps to figure out their weaknesses and strengths. With this information we can have a better understanding on where the child needs help. **Future Growth & Next Steps:** ● To always be vigilant, in order to be able to catch any developmental disabilities that a parent may not be aware of. It is important to catch a developmental disability at an early age in order to provide the child with adequate help. ● To learn more about play and different activities that can be of great benefit to children. ● To explore many books that can help teach different topics that children may be struggling with. I will accomplish these goals by reaching out to other educators that have been in the field for a long amount of years in order to share ideas and concerns. I would also do research and read a lot of books in order to gain more knowledge. I would also like to enroll in an art/music class in order to be more creative.

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