AML 1000G3 Keiser Keeping Government in Check Through Demonstrations Discussion

I agree with David Thoreau’s point of view, “Resistance to Civil Government.” We have an obligation to our society to oppose unjust laws and legislature directed to enslave the people. As individuals, we go through life not understanding the back display of politicians, electors, military, and President. For example, history will repeat itself, imprisoning individuals for minor offenses, and revoking their driver’s license. Doing such things makes the individual get further into debt by removing their transportation, which makes it more challenging for them to find a job without transportation, commuting to a doctor’s appointment, and going to the grocery store. It is an unjust problem. The government only exacerbates the issue instead of finding solutions. Without a license, everything becomes more expensive and challenging to stay afloat. As David stated his motto, “That government is best which governs least” (Levine, R, 2017, p. 903). David expressed that it is not that he does not want a government but a better one. I think we, as American people, all want a better government. Our system is broken explain by Langston Hughes “Democracy will not come. Today, this year, Nor ever, Through compromise and fear (Levine, R, 2017, p. 1042). Boundaries that should be in place to intervene in situations such as this are not going directly to jail. Be presented before the court magistrate judge regarding your reason on what put you in this situation, arranging payment plans for court fees or fines that need to be paid. For child support options should be given, such as mandatory parenting classes and reduce child support. License is a necessity to maintain life. Why punish and slam more fines on top of the original issue to cause the suspended license? Our government needs more solutions, not problems. Thoreau, Henry David. “Resistance to Civil Government.” _The Norton Anthology of American Literature_. Shorter 9th ed. Robert S. Levine. New York: Norton, 2017. **Hughes, Langston**. ” Democracy.” _The Norton Anthology of American Literature_. Shorter 9th ed. Robert S. Levine. New York: Norton, 2017.

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