America Home Shield Service Industry Company Report

Please submit your Innovative Company Report topic idea. Pointers for starting your Innovative Company Report: * Select an innovative company in the *same industry* as the team innovation project(Happy Home Service Company, that meets the following criteria. . . * An innovative company that already exists (not a start-up idea) it could be anywhere in the world; * Not a company from any of our class discussion boards or mentioned frequently in our class lectures (the “tech giants” Apple/ Amazon/ Google/ Alibaba/ Tencent/ Microsoft/ etc as well as the exceptionally well-known modern innovators such as Tesla or Uber are therefore ineligible); * “Researchability” typically through online sources, although there could be situations where someone has professional experience and sources and that should be specified when you tell us your company topic; * At least five high-quality/ credible/ distinct references available in English not including Wikipedia; * It is _not_ required that each person in the class have a separate company, but each person on the team should have a separate company, as the entire team will be selecting companies from within the same industry. * Submit your individual paper company choices for us to check and review. * Provide company name/ location/ additional details as specified below. * In writing the full paper at a later date, you will be answering the questions provided in the _Innovative Company Report_ assignment, which is a different turn-in line for the full paper. This present topic submission is only about the choice of company as a topic for the full (3-page) paper to be written later and turned in with a different assignment line. 1. (1) Company Name—It is fine to provide more than one company name if you would like to have a backup, but it is only required to provide one company name (meeting the criteria) and please do not provide more than 3 company names and details. Each team member should have a different individual company. 2. (2) Location—In what country was your company founded and/or in what country is it currently headquartered (Note: While a global company may have many offices, even a global company typically has only one headquarters location. e.g. Apple was founded in the US and is headquartered in Cupertino, CA, USA) 3. (3) Industry—What industry would you identify your company as being in (e.g. Amazon is in the e-commerce or online retail or simply retail industry)? Your company must be in the same industry or within the same intersection of industries or sub-category of industry as the Team Innovation project. 4. (4) Public/ Private/ Parent—Is your company publicly traded or privately held? Is it a subsidiary or a main company? If it is a subsidiary, what is the parent firm (e.g., Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook, which is a publicly traded firm) 5. (5) What year was your company founded? 6. (6) Website URL—Provide the clickable URL link for your company website. 7. (7) Context—Write a brief one-sentence explanation as to why you are selecting this company. 8. (8) Research—Will you be researching the paper from at least 5 distinct (not Wikipedia)/ credible/ English/ high-quality online sources or do you also have any more direct connection to and sources of information about the company? If so, please specify briefly. (e.g. I worked for 5 years at Hermès in the marketing department. I have personal knowledge of some of their innovation initiatives from my work experience. This personal knowledge can also be confirmed by or supplemented from publicly available company sources -or- I have professional knowledge unique to my position. In either case, your reference list should also contain the minimum 5 distinct (not Wikipedia)/ credible/ high-quality English-language online sources.

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