Amberton University The Heart Set Free Apostle Questions

ReadActs 15:36 – 18:22.Read Bruce, pages 212 -279.Consult a map and spend a few minutes memorizing the cities visited by Paul and his companions on this Second Journey. Also go on-line and find discussion of the ancient cities of Athens and Corinth, and photos of their remains. Then answer the following questions (six pages), doing independent research as necessary. Please do copy paste the question and start writing answers under it. Arial font, font size 12. **** * Summarize the significance of Athens and Corinth in the ancient world (one page). * Explain the conflict between Paul and Barnabas, and how Silas became his new partner. What might this suggest about Paul’s personality? * Who was Timothy and what is his significance in the New Testament?Explain Acts 16:3 in light of Paul’s strong conviction as expressed in Galatians 1-2. * Who were the Stoics?The Epicureans?Explain why they reacted at the mention of the resurrection. * Explain what Paul said on the Areopagus about the nature of the living God, as opposed to the deities of the Greco-Roman pantheon. * Tell everything you can learn about a couple called Priscilla and Aquila. * Who was Gallio, what is the Gallio Inscription, and what is its significance in dating the events in Acts 18:12-16? **TEXTBOOK(S) AND REQUIRED MATERIALS:** Title: _Paul: Apostle of the Heart Set Free_ Author: F.F. Bruce Publisher: Eerdmans Year Published: 2000 Edition: Paperback ISBN: 13: 9780802847782

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