Amberton University Negotiations Questions

Answer the given questions. Answer half of the page each single spaced. Manage it in two paragraphs. Focus more on informative content than quantity of words. Read chapters 17-20. Answer any three of the followings. Total two pages. Consist two paragraphs of each questions. 1. What approaches do you consider when making efforts to keep negotiations on track? 2. What negative effects may arbitrations have? 3. What are some approaches, to consider, for controlling escalating issues when negotiating? 4. What is the purpose of power moves? Describe a situation when a power move would be necessary. 5. If you were in a negotiating situation and you realize the other side has more power, what would you do? **Text book required** Title: Negotiation Author: Roy Lewicki, Bruce Barry, and David Saunders Publisher: McGraw Hill Year Published: 2020 Edition: 8th Edition ISBN: 10: 1260043649 or 13: 9781260043648

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