AIU Descriptive Paragraph Brainstorming Discussion

# Brainstorming Exercise undefined ## The point of this exercise is to think and invent.This should take at least thirty minutes or longer. undefined Most students do not think when they write.Most come up with the first ideas they have and write them. undefined First ideas, or SURFACE ideas, are not interesting.No one wants to read surface thoughts: undefined Don’t text while driving because it is dangerous to do so. undefined Do not smoke cigarettes because they cause cancer and heart disease and smelly breath. undefined Divorce is bad because it hurts the couple and hurts the children and is expensive undefined NOBODY wants to read such thoughts.They make people yawn. undefined Come up with new information for the reader.Do not write the same paper that ten other people in the course write. undefined Select ONE of the topics below. undefined Brainstorm for **thirty minutes**.You may list or free write in paragraph form.If you list, add side thoughts to points on the list. undefined If you end up with a nicely organized paragraph, you have done the assignment incorrectly. undefined Brainstorming is messy. undefined Brainstorming is disorganized and random because associated thoughts are random, not tidy. undefined Never judge the thoughts.Just write them down.You may repeat as you think. undefined Put down all thoughts. undefined Most of the thoughts will not be useful.You need the useless thoughts to invent good thoughts. undefined Your goal is to come up with ideas you didn’t expect to come up with. undefined Topics – select one undefined 1. Why young people today should not smoke. undefined Do not even mention lung cancer or heart disease or blood pressure. Mention no diseases.Mention no charred lungs.Think twenty-first century. undefined 2. The difficulties of being an adult undefined Go beyond going to work and bringing up children.Go into every detail you can think of. undefined 3. Brainstorm new and useful study and learning techniques. undefined Go beyond study and manage time. undefined 4. Think of a sibling, another relative, or an acquaintance who just drives you crazy.List all the reasons undefined Why this person makes you crazy. undefined 5. Or brainstorm on ONE of the following common everyday aspects of life:pets or a pet, traffic, chores undefined that you absolutely hate, greatest junk foods, weather,favorite movies or books,things in life that undefined are truly frightening,devices that need to be invented,a city you love to visit. undefined 6. You may even select your own topic of interest, one topic.But brainstorm it. undefined Below are four blank pages for your brainstorming.Fill up as much as you can, top to bottom and side to side, of all four pages. You may double space. You may add a page if necessary.Type on the pages.Save them to submit when instructed to submit. undefined Write non-stop for at least thirty minutes.Getting through the assignment quickly is not the point. undefined You should struggle through it but keep at it.It should be at least a little uncomfortable. Just DO it. undefined Come up with good ideas. The descriptive paragraph has already been written and is attached.

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