Aberystwyth University Healthcare Consumerism & Prescription Drug Discussions

**Part 1—-** **Scenario:** A pharmaceutical company is going to be selling a new brand-name prescription drug to treat allergies. You have been hired to help them market this product to individual and industry consumers. **To prepare:** * Review the provided scenario. * Identify individual and industry-based consumers for the prescription drug product in the scenario. Consider buying behaviors and characteristics of these consumers. **Post** a cohesive response to the following:Describe one individual and one industry consumer for the prescription drug product in the provided scenario. Analyze buying behaviors and characteristics of these consumers. Then, recommend strategies to market this product to the consumers you identified. Include strategies for the different stages of the product’s life cycle. Defend or argue your recommendations. Support your response by identifying and explaining key points and/or examples presented in the Learning Resources **Part 2—-** **To prepare for this Discussion:** To prepare, read the case studies provided in this week’s Learning Resources and consider the application of these ideas to your organization or an organization with which you are familiar. **Post** a cohesive response to the following: Based on the readings and case studies on facility design, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of these changes? How do these facility design concepts impact patient care? Does it offer an advantage in improving quality outcomes? What logistical operational processes exist in your organization that enhance efficiency and performance? Describe them briefly.What advantage does value- based purchasing offer to a health care organization? Is there a downside to this strategy? https://class.content.laureate.net/c24df36390c84aa… **https://class.content.laureate.net/973e6ee7e9ed659…** **https://class.content.laureate.net/5e27e0843706172… ** **https://class.content.laureate.net/bf12e223c235e95… ** **https://class.content.laureate.net/f477e3a0dc9a36b… ** ** **

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