What does setting entail in fiction (a short sentence). What is the setting of the novel? Why is the setting significant thematically or conceptually?

READING: Read Roy’s God of Small Things to 216. Post and Respond to discussion.
· Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things (Random House ISBN 978-0812979657) 
Using quotations
All quotations from the readings must include page numbers (in parentheses) after the quotes just as you will do with your response papers. You do not, however, need a Works Cited page. Please do not use so many quotations that you don’t include your own analysis. I’m looking for your ideas on the text—why you think particular elements of the book are interesting, significant and strange. What I am not looking for is a regurgitation (simply a summary) of what the book says.
Creating a respectful environment
Posted discussions should be written using proper English, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Your communication should be treated as if in a face-to-face setting. We are simulating a real-time discussion with each of your second response postings especially.
Please be respectful of others opinions, even if they differ greatly from your own. The idea is not for us to create an Edenic or idealistic space where we all agree. The idea is to have great discussions and understand a diversity of perspectives—even if they are perspectives with which we kindly decide to disagree!
Please respond to the questions (this is for the initial posting due Tuesday) as follows, so that all questions are covered:
You will write a short, 200-300 word response. That’s at least two decent size paragraphs. Word processing programs all have a function to check Word Count. Please check your work so that you don’t get a lower grade for not meeting the length requirement. When you are finished writing your 200-300 word response, please post by following these instructions:
1. What does setting entail in fiction (a short sentence). What is the setting of the novel? Why is the setting significant thematically or conceptually?
Contribute something original to the discussion, including relevant questions. Again, we are simulating in-class, face-to-face discussion, so pretend that you are sitting in front of your class members. You are welcome to use outside resources and to share your sources.
The strongest posts will be well thought out responses that pose questions and encourage discussion. It will make a significant difference in my grading if you carefully read others’ entries and reply with new quotations from the readings and with repetition of key phrases from your classmates—showing you are making connections where they left off. Please devote some thought to these posts and responses, because they will constitute a large part of our discussion material. 

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