VCU The Fairfax County Redevelopment & Housing Authority Managerial Interview Paper

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This paper should cover:
• Organization’s mission, vision and value statement.

The team will describe the skills and abilities likely desired by this company. Much of this information
can be obtained directly from company websites, but can also be inferred from the strategy and
structure of the organization.
Given a particular business strategy:

• What is the company looking for when hiring new employees?

you will conduct a managerial interview with someone from the
organization you researched for the Organizational Profile.

Please list the questions you will ask in the interview. Generally, we are looking for 6 questions based off the Managerial Analysis Guidelines.

Another Interview Questions:

A list of 10-12 questions you thoughtfully prepared prior to the interview,
in the order that you intended to ask the interviewee in the field of MIS. do not
plagiarize a list of questions from the internet. One question you should definitely ask is, “What are employers in your industry
looking for in new college graduates?” the questions are related to Management information systems. Make some questions about how he got the job? what necessary? some interview question about the field and study.

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