University of Miami Components of Environmental Risk Assessment Discussion

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Identify and discuss the components of environmental risk assessment, and apply them to an environmental hazard, such as lead. answer in one paragraph

environmental risk assessment is the process of measuring the potential impact of any hazard that might occur. this is helpful to see how impactful exposure to something exposed to the environment would be. the components that are evaluated in environmental risk assessment are hazard identification, dose-response relationship, exposure assessment, and risk characterization. back when lead exposure was an extremely big problem this was what they used to identify that. first, they identified the hazard by seeing that people are being negatively affected by big amounts of led exposure. they also looked at how much was effecting these people and the way that it was being introduced to their bodies with that info they looked at the relationship to dosage and affects. then they evaluated how many people were being introduced to large amounts and lastly what long-lasting effect could this cause people, in this case, it would be lead poisoning that can lead to death.

Lead was a major problem back in the early 2000’s because scientists start to realize that it was a hazard towards society health. Lead was in just about anything. It would cause major health problems in people because they were most likely around it especially when they did not realize, Lead was in paint that many people used in the 1900’s because it would help thicken the paint. It would cause behavioral issues as well as learning disabilities. that was with low exposure to lead but, with high exposure would cause anemia and mess with the brains features as well as the nervous system. High levels can as well cause kidney damage. With extremely high cases it can even potentially cause death. Environmental risk is when a living is at risk for when physical or emotional damage can be caused due to something that effects the environment that of which organisms live in.
– respond to the last two paragraphs.

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