“Three Men in a Boat and Nothing of the Dog” Analyses

“Three men in a boat and nothing of the dog” The story I am going to screen is entitled “Three men in a boat and to say nothing about the dog”. It was written by a famous English writer Jerome Klapka Jerome. He born in Walsall, Staffordshire, England on May 2nd, 1859, in the family of a preacher and coal mine owner. Leaving school at the age of fourteen after his mother’s death, Jerome worked such diverse jobs as a railway clerk, a journalist, and a schoolmaster. He also tried himself as an actor, playwright, editor, and at last he found fame through his writing.
His first book “On Stage and off” was published in 1888. In 1889, Jerome published the humorous Three Men in a Boat. It might be interesting to know that these three characters are based on Jerome himself and two real-life friends, George Wingrave and Carl Hentschel, with whom he often took boating trips. The dog, Montmorency, is really fictional but, Jerome K. Jerome admits that in all Englishmen, contains an element of the dog. What brought him fame was his original idea and using simple plot structure which helps readers to understand and be involved in the story.
Let me introduce a brief plot of the story for the film: As the beginning of the story three main characters come to Sonning, a town on the river Themes, where they decide to put up for the night. After that friends have plenty of time that is enough to cook a supper. In the inciting incident, they make up their mind to prepare an Irish stew; therefore, it would be a good opportunity for gentlemen to eat all odds and ends. Next we’ll show the process of cooking in details, and it is used as rising actions of the story.
In climax, Montmorency, the dog, brings a dead rat, which is the point of a little discussion. Finally, all the characters are satisfied with the supper that means that the Irish stew was very tasty and delicious. To understand how the friends successfully managed to prepare an Irish stew we should analyze the characters of each hero. . As for George, he is household and a leader, because he proposed to make an Irish stew. He gathered woods and made a fire, it means that he’s an experience cooker. In addition, he is creative, that is proved by his adding ll odds and ends to the stew. And as it’s said, every housekeeper has his own recipe of the Irish stew, so George used all his knowledge and imagination and invented his own recipe. He is hard-working and level-headed. Moreover he determined and economical; it can be seen in all his actions and metaphor words: “Oh, that won’t do! You’re wasting them. You must scrape them. ” To say more, George refused the idea of adding a dead water rat to the stew, and that’s enough to say that he is a very conservative gentleman.
To tell about Harris, I can say that he is totally emotional, open-minded and joyful. Besides, he is sociable, cheerful, enthusiastic and talkative. Harris suggested adding the water rat, brought by Montmorency. He must be very extravagant and experimental, so even judge George to be a man hampering the world’s progress. Harris’s partner of scraping and peeling potatoes was easy-going and single-minded narrator. I think he is calm and flexible, and at the same time is very enthusiastic, talkative and romantic, judging by the way he describes the sonning and nature.
I think they are all romantic because they were all inspired by the idea of making this great trip. And they enjoy and admire the nature, new places and their adventures. To show their joy characters there’s such hyperbole is used “I should never have thought that peeling potatoes such an undertaking”. Then the author uses such stylistic devise as metaphor, for example ‘they stood in the potato-scrapings half-smothered”. Judging by dialogues of the main characters of the story – Harris, George and the narrator, it’s clearly that they are intelligent and well-mannered people.
The author uses indirect speech in order to male characters contrast. He avoids stock characters; they are quite individual and original. It’s hard to identify a development of the characters, they just try to travel and learn how to survive without early experience. The author describes the actions in ironical and humorous way. The method of presentation is subjective and the reader sees everything from first-person narration. Also that method helps the readers to feel the atmosphere of the story and imagine themselves on the heroes’ place.
Every use of language devices presents how Mr. Klapka Jerome talented and skillful. In fact, Jerome K. Jerome is famous for his art of story-telling, the basis of our screen adaptation is the way the author presents the situation. The atmosphere of the story is warm and his vivid style and humour which is generally expressed in laughter-provoking situations often based on misunderstanding created a bright and comfort mood and witty and ironic tone. The story is full of such stylistic devises as metaphors, epithets, similes and hyperboles.
And they help us to image town and understand what the characters felt at that time. While describing Sonning the narrator uses simile “it’s more like a stage village than one built of bricks and mortar”; it’s also used metaphor “every house is smothered in roses” to show how beautiful houses were. The language of the story is rich in colloquial idioms and phrases. Each sentence contains a complete thought, and the writer makes it a point to have all the causes of events fully expressed, without leaving anything for guesswork on the reader’s part.
The author’s manner is highly emotional and in that time is easy to read and understand the topic of the story. The idea of our film would be real friendship. It is proved by the title of the story and the behavior of the main characters, which respect each other and stay friends in spite of little quarrels. The main idea is not expressed in a straightforward categorical manner, but it’s clear how important to stay friends during long period of time, don’t hurt each other and be ready to help in any case.
And the river Thames seems to symbolize the life-stream and the boat is like friendship itself that helps us to avoid and solve problems. And in conclusion I’d like to say that our film would teach people to be friendly and look at problems in a humorous way, that’s very important in our life and what more not to turn the life into a routine. We are people and should not only work, spend and earn money but we also should develop, travel and pay attention to life values.

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