This Is How Social Media (Really) Works in the Trenches

Last year, my Instagram account blew up, to put it mildly. It grew from zero to 100,000 followers in less than six months.
I attribute a lot of my recent successes —  growing , getting a major book deal, acquiring  — to the rapid surge in relevance that came from growing my Instagram account. Here’s how all that growth really happened, and what it did both short and long term for my business.
How I (really) grew the account.
My good friend Nathan from  is a master at organic growth who taught me all about the Instaworld. Sitting in my underwear in my living room, I used his strategies to grow the #Rich20Something account to about 40,000 followers in a few months — for free. What I’ve never mentioned publicly before is that I then paid a considerable amount of money on influencers to fuel that growth from 40k to 100k+ followers.
Here’s how it worked:
I already had a successful , which I’d been selling to the tune of multiple six-figures per year. On my Instagram account, I used “Call to Action” bio link posts to build my email list, then sent those people through my automated system that pitched my course.

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