It truly seems as though the days of having full privacy is over with the coming of these new leaks by Edward Snowden. The government has many borderline unethical powers that are Justified by terrorism today. But with our current status of technology being iPhones and iPads with all of our emails and data being stored ‘in the cloud,’ is it a shock to think that somebody other than us could see it? Yes, Edward Snowden broke laws regarding disclosure of private government information and he should be punished for his actions, but couldn’t we say the same about the government’s use of our information?
It seems that we take for granted our so-called privacy, but with this release of Snowden’s it doesn’t seem that we can have any privacy at all these days. My answer is yes, I do believe that the government has stepped its’ bounds on spying on its own citizens. I understand that they do so for the sake of protecting us from terrorism and that is great, that’s what they are there for. My concern is that when spying becomes anything more than protecting the people, it crosses the line of being ethical and that is not right.
As I stated earlier I think Snowden deserves some ort of sentence because he crossed the line on disclosure of documents to the public. That is the law and it should be obeyed, whether it is right or wrong he broke the rules. I haven’t changed my online habits to protect my information because I do believe it’s too late, especially with the rise of social media. People now a day are so eager to put out information that in some cases should be kept to themselves on Facebook statuses and in emails. When it comes to my personal information I fear the government more than industry.
We live in a time now that if something bad appens, whether it be a serious crime or attacks against our country, the government is able to access all the information about you ever on the internet. Do you remember everything you posted on Facebook or online? What if they find something taken completely out of context but use it against you in an indictment? I believe that the technology we have these days is amazing and we should keep innovating but I’m Just worried that the soon all of our information, whether it be personal or professional will be online and accessible by someone, somewhere at any time.

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