Science Experiment: Analysis

 In this activity, you will be reflecting upon your observation and analyzing it. You will be doing one of the steps in scientific experimentation-one in which you objectively analyze your data and attempt to find patterns in the observations.
You will need to look at the observations you have made, and try and draw conclusions for what you have observed. Answer the following questions using a minimum word count of at least 500 words total. Email your Professor if you have any questions.
Did the species stay or leave the area in your time frame?
If the species left, did it return? Why do you think it did this?
Was the species alone or in a group?
Did you see any patterns in how they grouped together?
Can you tell if they were a mixed group (males and females, adults and juveniles) or homogeneous?
What was the behavior of the species: sleeping, eating, playing, etc.
Where there any juveniles or babies around? If so, what was the behavior of the organism?
Once you find a pattern, discuss what you believe is the explanation, and support it with at least two sources of support.  Note: this is not your opinion on their behavior, but the scientifically supported research discussing the species’ behavior as documented by others.
Use APA style for your citations.

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