Royal Army WW2 Letter Home

Dear Delyla,
I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch lately; things have been getting really bad over here. There are talks about going over the top but it must be nonsense, we’d all get killed if we did. I hope you all are well. My foot is getting better but I think it will be a long time before I’m fully recovered, the bullet only skimmed my ankle so I was quite lucky I can still walk. Thank you for the pictures, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen your face and I was starting to forget it!
It gets so hard out here sometimes you wouldn’t believe. You try to sleep at night but there’s a constant ringing in your head from the bombs going off and the guns being shot. Then there are the injured soldiers, god bless them for being braver than the rest of us, but it has been there downfall. The screams of pain are agonizing so much so that you yourself feel as though you are also dying a slow and excruciating death.
I look at you and it makes me happy for a while, but then I think why I am here and it devastates me. I long to be with you again, to hold you in my arms, to feel your long golden mane flowing through my hands. I miss you dearly. Without you I am nothing. I long for the day I see you again my dear.
The thought of what is to come is unbearable, if I was to die I would never forgive myself. But then again I have to fight for my country. There is power to be regained and you who I love the most and many more are counting on me and thousands to pull through and win this conquest. We all pray to God each night to help us, and I ask you to pray for us too.
The boiled sweets that you sent me are delightful! I never ever thought that one day I would cherish the taste of a boiled sweet in my mouth! From this exuberating experience I have learnt so much. I now see the world in a completely different light. Its like the saying, you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone, and now I know! I will never again take for granted the small things in life, and if and when I get back I plan to write a book about my hardship. People deserve to know what all us thousands of courageous soldiers have been through, as it should never be brought upon any sole again. We should all be able to get along in life, nobody should lose lives for the sake of such trivial things as land and belongings, its ridiculous. If only us men weren’t so obsessed with power.
If this be my last letter to you then I want you to know something. I love you more than anyone could love anyone or anything, ever. I think about you every minute of every day and it pains me so much to think of what you are going through without me, having to cope with our young baby and what not. But believe me, I would change it if I could. If this be the end then I bid you goodbye, my one and only love. I will meet you again in a place not so far away and we will be together forever once more. I’ll love you for eternity.
Mr.Jimbob Jones

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