Reflection on US Sports Franchises

I had to step back and really think about what was being asked and why. The first question involves increasing U. S sports franchises popularity overseas and the cultural obstacles one must overcome. The next question deals with making products from these franchises appropriate for international market, and the last question brings in our government, would placing tariffs on imported products protect our industries.
These three questions have multiple ways of being answered it will really depend on the beliefs of the person answering the question. When you think about U. S sports franchises trying to increase their popularity overseas, you must first understand what the people overseas are looking for and how your sport fits within the culture.
For this question I will use our version of football, we see that the NFG every year has games in London in order to try and gain mom popularity with the people, the problem here Is you can’t Just have teams go and play the game the people overseas need to understand what is going on during the game. Soccer is already becoming a part of the U. S. So how did that happen, for me I think it was due to parents not wanting their kids to play football for the fear of injury do to the high impact nature of the game, It was a cultural change in the way people looked at the violence of football.
Now back to my original point I watch many ports and soccer Isn’t one of them as I have no clue what Is going on and my Interest isn’t there to make me want to explore and find out, and this Is the problem the NFG has overseas people have traditions set when It comes to soccer and rivalries already exist and these are two cultural factors a U. S. Franchise must overcome, not to mention must people overseas don’t Like the fact that we decided to call our sport football as the foot Isn’t nearly the biggest aspect of the game.

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