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Summary/Response Assignment
Your assignment is to write a summary and response essay on a topic of your choice. A summary demonstrates your understanding of the main ideas. Then your response
allows you to analyze it, compare or contrast it with other material you have studied or
agree/disagree with its claims. Write an summary/response essay of at least 3
Introductory paragraph: The summary appears in the opening paragraph. It
identifies the author, topic, and title of the reading and states the main ideas, usually in
the sequence of the original. The final sentence can restate the topic or transition.
Body paragraph(s): The response appears in the body. Make your claim here.
Concluding paragraph: The last paragraph restates the central claim of the response.
Follow these steps:
Step 1: Choose a topic. Research an internet article on your topic. Read the article
carefully, highlighting or taking notes of the main points.
Step 2: Brainstorm examples from your personal experience or the experiences of
others that support or refute the article’s thesis or supporting points.
Step 3: Select the ideas to include in the summary. Select passages that you will
paraphrase or quote as support for your claims.
Step 4: Write the first draft. Summarize the article in the first paragraph. Be sure to
include the title of the work and the author’s name, a thesis and the article’s main
points. Then, Introduce and develop the response in the remaining body paragraph(s).
Write conclusion.

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