Benefits Booklet
You have been asked by your human resources (HR) director to create a      benefits booklet for the employees within your organization. In your booklet,      you will explain the discretionary (including pension and retirement plans)  and   mandated benefits that your organization offers. Use Chapters 9 and 10 in  the    textbook to review these types of benefits, and choose the ones that you  would    like to use within your organization. Be sure to completely explain  these     benefits and how to use them within your booklet. When discussing  pension and     retirement plans, ensure that the participation requirements for  these plans   are  fully described.
Your booklet should consist of at least five pages. APA is not required for     this assignment; however, please use correct grammar and punctuation.
Microsoft Word has various templates to choose from when creating your      booklet, or you can search for templates online; however, the content of your      booklet should be original.
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