Managing Criminal Justice Organizations

Please reference the book for the class: Managing Criminal Justice Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice, by Richard R.E. Kania and Richards P. Davis.
Use APA formatting.
Read chapter 1 and 2 and compose two responses to the following questions in less than 150 words.
After your initial posting subsequently respond to two of your peers postings.  
Question 1.  What might be the major differences in public vs private run correctional institutions (pro and cons)?
 Question 2. What are the influences that make managing criminal organizations complex?
Question 3. How would set up your agencies hierarchy as it relates to the issues in these two chapter? 
Additional Information to give you an idea about the course:
Managing Criminal Justice Organizations
Course Description and Outcomes Course Description:
This course links theories of organizational behavior to the management of justice
organizations. Students will examine challenges facing criminal justice leaders who manage
resources and employees and who are responsible for public safety. Class discussions will
expand students’ understanding of what differentiates criminal justice organizations from
private and other public organizations.

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