Leadership Analysis

There are six steps to the Leadership Analysis and Application Assignment.This is the fourth step. You will use the information gained from the first three steps to develop a Leadership Analysis Paper. It is important that you incorporate feedback from the professor and make changes as requested by the professor. Write and submit it to your professor a paper (length 10-14 pages) (50 pts.).Include the following areas in your paper. Use Subheadings to ensure all areas are covered. Review grading rubric for Step 4 to ensure that you achieve maximum points in each area.
a. Introduction and Overview of Agency
b. Leadership needs of your selected agency (supported by the literature). Remember this paper is mezzo and macro focused.Do not focus exclusively on the micro level of practice.
c. Application of your chosen leadership approach to your chosen agency (supported by the literature). You must include a minimum of 8 peer reviewed articles. This should be the articles from step 2 with revisions made in response to professor feedback. Make sure you include leadership ethics in your application.
d. Conclusion–In your conclusion describe how your organization with your chosen leadership can advocate for social change and social justice to promote social and human well-being and advance the goals of our profession
Grading Rubric provided for Step 4.Please note that this is a major assignment and will require you to thoroughly apply your chosen leadership model to your chosen agency. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate leadership skills for you to demonstrate your leadership skills. When you submit your paper, I would like you to submit a self-evaluation of the paper utilizing the provided grading rubric. Score yourself accurately. This will allow yourself to make needed adjustments to strength your work.
Northouse 2016 Leadership Theory and Practice 7th ed is the text book. I have the additional papers I already completed to assist in this 

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