Islamic Fashion

Islamic Fashion Objective Objective Islamic Fashion is actually covers wider scope. Each continent have different perspective on Islamic Fashion – culture influence Fashion always reflects women Muslimah Fashion Introduction vIt is important to distinguish between what Muslims wear and what has come to be defined in the literature and the market place as “Islamic fashion. ” vWhat counts as Islamic or not is a matter of considerable debate amongst Muslims. vWhilst many consider modesty an important Islamic virtue, how this translates into particular styles of dress is highly variable. Some Muslims do not consider that their religiosity is linked to dress. They may be religiously committed but do not feel the need to express this outwardly through their choice of clothing. Annelies Moors and Emma Tarlo (2007) Islamic Fashion in African Islamic Fashion in Europe Islamic Fashion in Asia Islamic Fashion in Asia CORE GUIDANCE The IFF is guided by the following hadith i. e. that the use of a gentle, nurturing approach begets a stronger conviction: One of Prophet Mohammed’s friends, a gambler, wanted to convert to Islam because he loved the Prophet.
So he asked the Prophet, “Can I become a Muslim? ” To which the Prophet replied, “If you promise not to lie whenever you gamble or drink and own up to it, then you may”. And so he converted to Islam but kept drinking and gambling and each time he saw the Prophet and was asked what he was up to, he would own up to it. Until one day, he got to a point where he felt that he could not lie anymore to the Prophet and eventually he stopped gambling and drinking of his own accord without being force. VISION, MISSION & TAGLINE AMAED
Association of Muslim Apparel Entrepreneur & Designer THE BRANDING STRATEGY For a pioneering endeavour such as the IFF to create a presence and make an impact of global standards, it is crucial to adopt the right image or branding strategy. Taking a leaf out of the tried-and-tested approach of international designer brands, the IFF adopted a similar course to brand itself on a high-end scale. This would allow for easier transition to a scale that caters for the mass as compared to adopting the opposite approach. IFF GALLERY
THE JOURNEY CONTINUES The IFF has grown and developed exponentially since its debut showing at its home country venue of Kuala Lumpur in 2006 to Abu Dhabi, Astana, Bandung, Dubai, Singapore, New York, London and Monte Carlo, where a more liberal mode of dressing is preferred. Government Policy & Legislative and Economic condition Risks 4p of marketing from Islamic perspective Strategy in developing country Strategy in developed country Use Profile of winner Fashion from Islamic Perspective – from Al-Quran Fashion from Islamic Perspective from Al-Quran Fashion from Islamic Perspective – from Al-Quran Summary To move Muslim consumer from trial to preference , Islamic fashion marketing need to deliver on their value proposition . Religion, Design and Material are the most three important factors to be considered in generating Islamic Fashion marketing strategies for companies. In addition, Islamic Fashion Marketers should pay attention to these three major attributes in all of the producing steps if they want to attract and capture women Muslim segment.
Alireza Miremadi, Samira Iran, MarjanShadafza & FereshteMoshiri(2011) Recommendations •Designing and Preparing clothes with HALAL materials(based on Islamic rules) •Using HALAL logo for their advertisements •Insert the stick of HALAL logo with Halal Material on their clothes •Considering the Islamic rules while making the Islamic clothes •Synchronize world fashion with Islamic rule to sustain and attractive Muslim women and shift it from Niche market to mass market. Pay attention to cultural values and norms while making a clothes One could summarize it by stating that Muslim consumers appear to seek three major kinds of benefits from Islamic fashion marketing, Religion, Design, Materials, furthermore there should be significant promotion or advertisement activity to boost Islamic fashion inside and outside the country or overall throughout the Islamic world. Alireza Miremadi, Samira Iran, MarjanShadafza & FereshteMoshiri(2011)

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