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Write a scholarly post on the following topic and reply given 4 posts. This assignment is to be scholarly; it is not enough for you to simply post your article and add cursory reviews. CITED REFERENCES ARE REQUIRED. Your submission must be at least 520 words for initial post and 160 words for each reply.
Topic: We all had the unfortunate experience of seeing how computers can, at times, make life’s journey about more difficult. This is especially true in knowledge-centric workplaces. Describe an example of a very poorly implemented database that you’ve encountered (or read about) that illustrates the potential for really messing things up. Include, in your description, an analysis of what might have caused the problems and potential solutions to them. Be sure to provide supporting evidence, with citations from the literature.
Reply to following 4 posts with at least 160 words and a 1 citation
Post 1:
Data is a vital asset for every business organization since every activity performed by employees of the company deals with information creation, gathering, and sharing. The database is the storage systems for storing the data and it provides various services as well as allows users to retrieve required information (KiranKumar, et al., 2012). Execution of the database framework will likewise advance information reconciliation, where it will be simple for somebody to perceive how the procedures in a single section of the association can influence different portions. But the major problem with the database system is the proper implementation i.e. if the database is implemented efficiently, it contributes to the success of the company. Otherwise adverse consequences are produced. A case of an inadequately actualized database incorporates overlooking the reason for the information. The database architect should know how the information will be spoken to, how the data is setting off to the obtained, and how the information will be utilized in the association. A database is actualized inadequately when the originator does not think about the volume of information, the reason for the information, and the general execution of the entire framework before the usage procedure. A similar situation is witnessed by me in one of the organizations I have worked. The major cause that resulted in poor implementation of the database is not following the normalization technique and moreover, while designing the database, the purpose of it deviates.  Normalization of the database is the basic component for managing the information stored in a database that includes operations like enhancing data integrity and also reducing the redundancies occurring in data by organizing them using the relational tables (Attallah, 2017). Since normalization is not followed, it resulted in inconsistencies along with redundancies as well as outdated data that in turn resulted in poor database implementation. To overcome this situation, some measures have to be followed while designing and implementing the database systems for an organization. Planning of the database has to be made carefully by contacting clients to gain information regarding the terminology used by them. There are various crucial steps to consider when you manufacture a database, the poor database may be a direct result of various reasons like poor structure/organizing, disregarding institutionalization, poor naming checks, nonattendance of documentation, nonappearance of testing, one table to hold all the zone regards, not using set away strategies and much progressively brief a poor database. If an affiliation has a poor database, then it is hard to change the whole database to another standard one. Its time and monetarily sagacious. Poor database arrangement has made various issues for certain affiliations. Purpose of the designing database has to be followed in every step by reviewing the requirements. Normalization must have to be followed by executing it in the proper way and update the database regularly. These are some of the best practices for implementing the database.
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Post 2:
A database is a gathering of information sorted out to give productive recovery data. The information could be in any numbers or in sequential order course of action of names in a location book or data can be a mix of number and letter set arrangement. Inappropriately planned databases will cause issues with horrible showing and information honesty. An ineffectively standardized database and tables can cause issues from circle input/yield (I/O) and terrible showing to incorrect information. An inappropriately standardized condition can bring about information excess.
The formation of a database requires a planned procedure to characterize information types, structures, and imperatives for the information to be put away in the PC. The plan procedure generally takes as its beginning stage an announcement of the necessity as a lot of client sees. Each view depicts the database substance and structure that are proper for a capacity that a client performs. (Story, V. C., and Goldstein, R. C. 1988). The investigation of the necessities of the task, theoretical outline that gives an abnormal state depiction of the database and the prerequisites that information must fulfill. The methodology for reasonable diagram structuring is the Entity-Relationship (ER) model. The ER model thinks about the world as a lot of elements and the connections between them. The consistent plan gives an abnormal state pattern implementable on a database the executive’s framework.
A social database can appear as a solitary colossal connection with a great many properties. Be that as it may, including a solitary connection inside a database blueprint generally implies an unsatisfactory repetition, and an extensive wellspring of addition, update and erase peculiarities. So as to fix a few redundancies and abnormalities, According E.F. Codd proposed three typical structures, 1NF, 2NF and 3NF, accomplished through misfortune fewer deteriorations with reliance conservation of starting widespread connection into littler relations, in light of utilitarian conditions. (Fotache, M. 2006). A database sensibly coordinated accumulation of records. Related with a database is an information lexicon, which characterizes field names, the passable information types for field esteems, different limitations on field esteems, and other related data. 
Fotache, M. (2006). Why normalization failed to become the ultimate guide for database Designers? 
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The Ten Database Commandments to Ensure an Effective, Accurate, Well-Designed Database
Post 3:
Data of an organization is the essential asset and every data operations professional in an organization should know that data is highly susceptible to losses. The database system is required in to effectively manage the massive amount of information and also ensure that there is the security of data when shared among different departments of an organization. A correctly implemented database system will increase the security of data and the accessibility of data since users can quickly and effectively share data across the organization (Smith, & Williams, 2000).
Proper implementation of the database system will also promote data integration, where it will be easy for someone to see how the processes in one segment of the organization can affect other segments. When a database is correctly implemented, it will enhance the decision-making process in an organization since data quality will be maintained and improve the decisions made in an organization. The poorly implemented database has a lot of adverse effects on the data of an organization. An example of a poorly implemented database includes ignoring the purpose of the data. Before a database is implemented, it is essential to understand that data is stored for it to be consumed later and therefore, the main goal of having a database is to ensure that data can be stored and retrieved in the most effective manner (Charette, 2005).
The database designer should know how the data is going to be represented, how the information is going to the acquired, and how the data will be used in the organization. A database is implemented poorly when the designer does not consider the volume of data, the purpose of the data, and the general implementation of the whole system before the implementation process. The solution to this problem is to ensure that you know the purpose of the data since it will help in choosing the database engine management policies, entities to design and the database engine (Ambler, & Sadalage, 2006). 
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Post 4:
I should need to discuss a startup that I was connected with in the midst of my basic significant lots of my calling. 
Unstructured improvement of data Organizations as they develop their associations are generally poorly prepared or don’t check well the extent that the proportion of data they would store up. The best approach to course of action here is to diagram a database that can manage a wide scope of data and information. Databases are a huge ocean and it’s not guaranteed that the right scopes of capacities are in every individual contracted. The client ought to be able to get restores, cautions on new headway’s. This data is needed to sort the information for moving the information to secured assembled arrangement. Another preparation found in a little relationship as an understudy in a guiding association was poor institutionalization. The institutionalization norms were not given noteworthiness here. A center floor wishes to be come to. If the convictions will information will be shared all through more noticeable than one lines and a change would influence various segments, it ought to be moved to some unprecedented table set away systems may moreover be used, regardless, in a couple of circumstances, producers end up becoming new secured procedures, as a substitute than adjusting current ones. 
As of the date of creation, all of the four noteworthy cell phone bearers have Android contraptions accessible. Database may come up short at the document level of methods for at least one records in the database by the causing of undermined documents and speaks to the intelligent harm by the hard drive If an association has a poor database then it is extremely difficult to change the entire database to another standard one. Poor structure may prompt numerous issues and again returning and fixing takes significantly additional time and cash. The database configuration imperfections had, nonetheless, specialized hiccups, for example, poor standardization, poor ordering, excess, poor naming show, awful referential trustworthiness, and composite essential keys. 
Additionally, if you don’t take the time toward the start to get the database setup appropriate, by then you’ll see that any huge changes in the database structures that you need to make. Names, while an individual choice, are the first and most basic line of documentation for your application, which is the necessity for consistency. Intrigue unintentionally informed a couple of customers lauding them on their cutting-edge weddings and offered a phenomenal on wedding solicitations. For another situation think about, Many of CNN’s PC created intuitive and illustrations for their live event consideration are energized by information investigation and for this circumstance no doubt the information was exorbitantly cheerful. An enormous part of the issues and bottlenecks related to the database can be foreseen in the midst of improvement, and these must be overseen before genuine transport or putting the framework into creation. One model that ends up being veritable is the issues Spurwing had encountered. Spurwing has made Reconciliation Software to motorized records and back office structures. Once in an exceedingly association, I adjusted be specialist we have a will in general have programming with the learning for accommodating all thing related refined parts that were made there.
For instance, in a work determination process the test ought to have legitimacy for measures that connect well with the word related skills of intrigue and be pitched at a fitting degree of trouble to separate between people on the objective property. 
Teorey, T. J. (2011). Database Modeling and Design : Logical Design. Amsterdam: Morgan Kaufmann. 
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