George Mason Racial Disparate in the Crack Vs Powder Debate Literature Review

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Hello this is a literature review assignment that you msut provide adequate sources to the topic I will give you. Below are the exact instructions:

Review of the Literature

There are several ways in which this chapter may be structured: chronologically,

categorically, or through related theoretical viewpoints. Emphasis should be placed on

the reasons underlying the particular areas, topics, and periods selected for review. The

chapter should:

1)Provide evidence supporting the historical, theoretical, and research background for the study.

2) Define how the investigation differs from other studies in the field.

3) Show how the study relates to other research studies in similar areas. Theoretical foundations, expert opinion, and actual research findings should be included. Primary sources should be used whenever possible.

Topic: The vast disparite in mass inaceration between african americans and white americans over the crack vs. powder debate.

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