Foreign Aid Is Good

Foreign aid is economic, technical, or military aid given by one nation to another for purposes of relief and rehabilitation, for economic stabilization, or for mutual defence. Foreign aid is usually granted to developing countries in the third world therefore it is an investment in the future of both countries, but is it an investment that will pay off or is it a loss resources? According to Ranking The Rich “foreign aid is pragmatic and principled..
. n a globalizing world, rich countries cannot insulate themselves from insecurity” thus, our world contains ““global cities”, nations tend to be more closely related to each other than they are to many cities in their home countries” thus, what happens globally also has an impact locally because we all belong to the global community and if an occurrence would happen wealthy countries need to contribute because it has an impact on their own people as well. Foreign aid should be implemented by wealthy countries to help relieve developing countries.An extension of economic assistance could lead to a transfer of resources. “It benefits the receiving country in two ways. First it enables the people of the recipient nation to consume more than they otherwise could, or to devote more resources to capital investment, or to rearmament, or to any other major goal which claims a part of the output of their economy. Second, a subsidy adds to the foreign exchange resources of the receiving country.
This argument states that the economies of wealthy nations were (and are) being built in part on the impoverishment of third-world nations.This happened over time, through the exploitation of labor and other countries natural resources. Thus, the world’s wealthiest nations are responsible for the impoverishment of many countries and we have a moral duty to correct our wrongdoing. This argument can also be explained in terms of the automobile accident analogy. This analogy draws a distinction between our imperative to help in an accident that we directly caused and our need to help in an accident that we merely observed. In this argument world hunger is seen as an accident that we have directly caused. Fairness is another reason to care.
No human being should be denied the chance to live free of poverty and oppression, or to enjoy a basic standard of education and health” But sceptics believe that “wealth maintained by the exploitation of the innocent throughout the world? Is poverty a natural phenomenon? ” It suggests that it is morally wrong to help “a few” at the expense of imperilling the whole. Wealthy nations/individuals should NOT help impoverished populations of other nations; if they did this, they would be endangering the long term well-being of wealthy nations and families.Though we might save a few today, birth rates will continue to rise, eventually breaking the wealthy financially. “All people are equal and therefore all suffering in the world should be equal. The school of Utilitarianism states that: 1. Our well being and emotion are not more important than anyone else’s: 2. Our actions should always reflect utility (goodness) – We should always do what is best.
” In some countries, inadequate education is chiefly helping maintain poverty. In some countries, inadequate medicine is chiefly helping maintain poverty.In some other countries, war or bad government or poverty itself or a mix of reasons is helping maintain poverty for many families. Improving supplies of clean water, to reduce time spent gathering often foul water and reduce illness caused by foul water supplies. Improving the supply of accessible, affordable health care information and services, to reduce the vulnerability to disease of children and the elderly especially. Improving the training and equipment of farmers in poor countries related to agriculture and natural resource management, to help increase crop yields and conserve the environment.Education, healthcare and empowerment of the people are essential elements if communities are to flourish and people are to become physically and mentally fit to contribute to the development of their communities.
“The World Bank, the IMF and the G8 wealthy nations should do more to help poor African countries to stand on their feet. They should be helping them with well controlled and supervised programmes set to reduce poverty. They should clear off the debts of countries who cannot afford to pay back their long outstanding debts”” Farmer organizations need to be established to develop organized systems for storing products and elling them to more distant markets.Local grain storage facilities would help farmers and communities store excess food that could be sold later at better prices. any child fails to acquire the basic skills needed to function as a productive, responsible member of society, society as a whole—not to mention the individual child—loses. There may be a failure of supply for the reasons laid out above: a government may lack sufficient resources to provide educational services or be administratively incapable of channelling resources to the schools that need them.

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