Foot and Prophylactic Knee Brace

1. How many bones are in the foot 2. Name the four archs in the foot 3. Compare Pes Planus and Pes Cavus 4. Discuss the causes of Plantar fasciitis 5. When is Plantar Fasciitis most symptomatic 6. Name two treatment options for Plantar Fasciitis 7. What is a Jones Fracture and what is it’s healing time 8. What is a bunion, and how can we treat it when symptomatic 9. Define Turf Toe and discuss the two treatment options 10. Discuss the three treatment options of caring for a blister 11. Discuss what recommendations can be made to prevent ingrown toenails 12. Define Subungual Hematoma and it’s treatment 3. Name the four lateral ligaments in the ankle 14. Name and briefly describe the three types of ankle sprains 15. Contrast The Three Grades of Ankle sprains 16. Discuss return to play guidelines  for an ankle sprain 17. What role does a felt horseshoe play in the acute treatment of an ankle sprain 18. Describe the term Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, were it is symptomatic, and how it is treated 19. Discuss briefly what a compartment syndrome is, how it can occur, what it looks like, and why we manage it carefully 20. Discuss treatment options for Achilles Tendonitis 21.
Discuss treatment options for Achilles Tendon Rupture 22. Discuss how one can best recognize Achilles tendon Rupture 23. Name the four ligaments in the knee 24. Contrast a functional and a prophylactic Knee brace 25. Discuss the term Valgus and how it applies to the MCL injury and evaluation 26. Discuss the Term Varus and how it applies to LCL injury and Evaluation 27. Discuss Males and Females as the ACL is concerned 28. Describe the Most Common Non Contact Mechanism for an ACL injury 29. Briefly describe Acute and Long-Term Care options for an ACL tear 30. Describe the mechanism of a PCL tear 31.
Name the signs of a meniscus injury 32. Describe the location of IT band syndrome as well as it’s treatment 33. What direction does a Knee Cap dislocate too and what is the immediate treatment 34. Contrast Osgood Schlatter Disease and Patellar Tendenitis 35. Contrast Immediate Treatment of a quad contusion and strain 36. Discuss stretching during the intial treatment of a Hamstring strain 37. Discuss the BEST treatment for groin strains, and what should be done until normal flexibility and strength return 38. What is a Hip Pointer, how does it occur, and what can we do to minimize the chances of additional injury

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