Criminal Behavior on William Morales

I need a paper written on domestic terrorist William ” Gurremro” Morales I will attach the rubrics for the final project all factors need to be addressed.
I. Summary A. Summarize the case provided. In your summary, include key facts and demographic information. [PSY-310-01] B. Develop initial hypothesis about the potential motivation to commit the crime. As you consider the motivation, identify the type of crime that was committed. [PSY-310-02] 
II. Crime Assessment A. Compare data and evidence of similar crimes. [PSY-310-03] B. Identify patterns found in similar crimes. [PSY-310-03] C. Make inferences about motivation of the identified individual based on case evidence and comparison to similar crimes. [PSY-310-02] 
III. Profile A. Develop a demographic summary of the individual based on analysis of data from the case. [PSY-310-03] B. Explain the impact that biological factors of the case had on the individual’s behavior. [PSY-310-01] C. Explain the impact that developmental factors of the case had on the individual’s behavior. [PSY-310-01] D. Explain the impact that environmental factors of the case had on the individual’s behavior. [PSY-310-01] E. Apply theories to the emerging hypothesis of the motivation of your chosen subject. In your response, consider the biological, psychological, social, and criminal violence theories. [PSY-310-02] 
IV. Conclusion and Investigative Use A. Develop a global summary based on a synthesis of the inputs, crime assessment, and profile. [PSY-310-03] B. Anticipate future behavior based on predictive analysis. [PSY-310-04] 
C. Develop intervention strategies to mitigate future criminal behavior. Be sure to explain how your strategies will impact future behavior. [PSY- 310-04] D. Discuss limitations of data to developing your report. In your response, consider the information that was missing that you wish you had and reliability and validity of the data you reviewed. [PSY-310-04] E. Based on your report, discuss how the information collected could contribute to the capture, understanding, and prosecution of the individual. [PSY-310-04] 

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