Coretta Scott King

550 words 
African American women are usually not recognized as leaders. 
Of course, we must define what a leader is.
We want to bring these women back into history.
 Choose one African American female leader. It is first come, first serve for this essay.This forum is for between the end of World War II and the present. 
You are to use the library or the course bibliography. (American public University)
However, for this forum, you may also search online, but if you do, you must use credible sources only (Wikipedia,, blogs etc are not credible sources, for example). 
The following links can help you determine which sources are credible or non-credible during your research: Credible vs non-credible sources, Getting Started With Research, Why I Shouldn’t Use Wikipedia and Identifying your Resources.
Remember that this is a formal essay and you need an introduction with a thesis statement, body, and conclusion. Because students must respond, please submit your essay as soon as possible.

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