Can You Imagine a Life Without Computer?

Imagine before the Christ when people communicated with the smoke of wood fire which even is not used to warm up in today or an ambassador travelled by a horse for a long time to provide communication between the two kings. These are strange for us who are the slaves of the computer era, are not these? Do you realize that computers have become a main part of your lives in time, too? It is amazing to see how computer come into our lives in just several decades. It is impossible to imagine a day without working on our computers or spending time with the computers.
Mainly there are two reasons regarding for this enormous change because of the rising popularity of computers. The most important reason is that it makes our lives easier. First, we experienced this ease in the education life. When students research on the Internet instead of going to the library, they can reach enormous resources easily so they save time. For example, if they are reading an essay, they can change the language of the essay or reach the references with only one click instead of searching a lot of books. In addition, they can study easily thanks to the variety of programs.
For instance, since some computer programs calculate basic mathematical operations faster than human brain, these are beneficial for study. Second, we experienced this ease in the business life. To illustrate, online banking has brought to ease for businessmen so they do not have to go to a bank and wait for a long time. They can also store enormous knowledge such as contracts, knowledge of customers and statistics in the hard disc. Thus, they do not need huge area or effort to store these. Furthermore, businessmen can attend their meeting in different place at the same time thanks to the online conference communication.
Thus, they can gather when they want easily. Another reason why computers become so popular is that it provides opportunities for leisure time activities. Computer plays a great role in the communication aspect of our lives. Social Network is the most common area in which the computer is used in communication. The fact that you can not find anyone who has not got a facebook account is the clearest example how online communicating has become so popular with facebook. In addition to facebook, some other websites such as twitter and instagram started to be more and more popular in time.
Everyday millions of people are engaged in these websites and share their activities, feeling and photographs so that other people can follow them in their leisure time. Besides, people can spend their free time on the computer to recreate. For example, Second Life which is an online game has millions of members. In this game, people create avatars and direct them. As the avatars represent how they wish others to perceive them, they can spend their all leisure time enjoyable. Moreover, people can archive both music and film in the computer.
In other words, computer enables us to keep both music and film. Thus, they can reach the archives and listen to music or watch the film anytime and anywhere. All in all, since computer makes our life easier by doing something faster than us and gives a lot of chances to communicate and recreate, its popularity is increasing. In the future, it will develop even further. However, if the popularity will go on to increase, all of us will be computer addicted. These machines will be an inseparable part of our lives. We can not do anything without computer as life without air.

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