Business Manager essay

Develop in your own words the definition of Operations Management Strategy. Why is it important to have an effective Operations and Supply Chain Management.? A: The concepts in Operation Management “0M” are today more important and crucial than ever before, especially with the intense global competition among companies. It Is critical to understand how to boost the bottom line while keeping costs from rlslng and malntalnlng or even Improving quality.
In our book we have for key points that are integral part of OMS those are: Supply and Chain Management Strategy and Sustainability Forecasting Capacity Management/ with a learning curve. In explaining the concepts’ above one can conclude that in the process of making good business decisions the quantity and amount of products as well as the appropriate mix of products to be produces Is a critical part of “Aggregate Planning” in which determining the demands of the products is so very important, as well as the smoothing in production, avoid or forecast bottlenecks, planning horizon and the linear programing.
All of the above mentioned is intrinsically connected and responsive to the appropriate levels of staffing, capacities and resources all of these re business decisions within the aggregate planning stages. Inventory Management; Production management; Operations Scheduling: Facllltles/layout and location; Quality and Rellablllty. Are all parts of the decision making In 0M.
We can then conclude that Operations Strategy is the development of a long-term plan for using all major available resources available to the firm placing it in a better path to better succeed and abbey with its long term goals. OMS, will address all of these concerns and in a step by step mode how to go about making it possible. Below a chart on a sample of Operations Strategy Process Problem 2. 1 As an operations manager, you are concerned about being able to meet sales production report: Find the average monthly productivity (units per machine hour).

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