You have been appointed as the new chief for a police organization. Within days, several officers have come to your office informing you about corrupt cops who are allegedly involved in ticket fixing, overtime abuse, and intimidation schemes. You have been told that supervisors have largely ignored the reports, and in cases where action had to be taken, general reports were made and the officers received minor discipline. Based on the information received, you order an internal investigation. The findings indicate that the allegations are true resulting in the firing of the involved officers. Later on, the officers who reported the corruption inform you that they are being harassed and intimidated by other officers. As the leader, what measures would you take to protect these officers, who are now viewed as snitches and whistleblowers? How would you go about transforming a corrupt organizational culture into one that encourages and supports ethical behaviors?
Your response should be at least 2 pages in length and in compliance with APA standards regarding citing sources and formatting. To help you formulate a plan to transform the culture of the organization review the ideas presented by Kerns in the suggested reading section.
Please take into account the grading rubric in order to earn the best grade possible. Also, refer to the written assignments grading rubric at the end of the syllabus, which has more details about the parts of an assignment/essay.
1.  Correctness of the essay: answered fully the questions using relevant vocabulary and concepts presented during the week. 25 points
2.  Introduction, body, and conclusion. 5 points
3.  Required number of pages (length). 5 points
4.  Used APA style and format: 12 font, double spacing, title page, and reference page. 5 points
5.  Integrated research and used external citations or resources. 5 points
6.  Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 5 points 

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