· APA format 
· 2 References for each question. 
Question1: Physical Security (2 references) and 2 pages length.
Textbook: Fennelly, Lawrence, J. Effective Physical Security, 5th Edition. Butterworth-Heinemann, Elsevier, 2017 ISBN 978-0-12-804462-9 
In Woody’s Lumber Company scenario, the textbook describes the type of company, the internal security problem, and a description of the workforce, scheduling, and the basic current security structure.
Suggest 3-4 security countermeasures the company could adopt that are designed to solve or reduce the internal security problem. The suggestions might include new policies, procedures, adopting new devices, or changing physical features or layout. Other countermeasures could also be suggested.
For each suggestion, include a description of the countermeasure and what behaviors or threats it would change. After explaining all the suggestions, give a final summary of how the suggested countermeasures will resolve or reduce the internal security problem.
Question2: Emerging Threats (2 references)
Diversity in national infrastructure involves the introduction of intentional differences into systems such as vendor source, deployment approach, network connectivity, targeted standards, programming language, operating system, and software version. Two systems are considered diverse if their key attributes differ, and nondiverse otherwise. The requirement for physical diversity in the design of computing infrastructure is perhaps the most familiar of all diversity-related issues. The idea is that any computing or networking asset that serves as an essential component of some critical function must include physical distribution to increase its survivability. A national diversity program should be developed that would call for coordination between companies and governmental agencies in several
Start a discussion thread and discuss how the types of threats discussed in the article could impact our economy, and how implementing Diversity could help mitigate these threats. 
For additional information click the link below:
Question3: Project (1 reference for each part)
a. Describe Project Management Body of Knowledge or PMBOK. Explain PMBOK Knowledge Areas (Managing Integration, Managing Scope, Managing Time/Schedule, Managing Costs, Managing Quality, Managing Human Resources, communication and Managing Stakeholders)
b.  Go online and find at least two sites with definitions of fast tracking and crashing a project schedule.
Prepare proper reference citations for the sites you       located, using APA style.
In your own words, write definitions for project fast       tracking and project crashing.
Consider the plan you prepared for the software system       testing project in question 1 above. If you were informed by management       that you must reduce the planned duration of the project by five days,       describe how you, as a project manager, could crash or fast track       this project. Be specific in identifying exactly what could be changed in       the project plan for each option.
(continuation of question 2.3) If the request to speed up       the project occurs after day 25 of the original schedule, what is the       only option available?
c. Go online and research the difference between total slack and free slack.
Prepare proper reference citations for the sites you       located, using APA style.
Write definitions of total slack and free slack in your own       words.
Why would the distinction between different forms of slack       be important to a project manager?
Question4: Cloud (2 paragraphs and 1 reference)
List three factors that make mobile ID management difficult. 

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