1 page outline based off article

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1 page outline based off attached article “Factors Affecting Students’ Information Literacy as They Transition from High School to College” 
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Mandernach, B.J., Zafonte, M., & Taylor, C. (2016). Instructional strategies to improve college students’ APA style writing. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 27(3), 407-412. Retrieved from http://www.isetl.org/ijtlhe/
Outline of Article’s Three Main Points
I.Purpose of the Study: To study college instructors’ perceptions of the biggest APA problem areas for their students. Based on study, identify instructional strategies and resources to help in those areas.
II.Major Point 1: Properly crediting sources in APA style is biggest concern.
a. 135 college faculty surveyed via Likert scale
b. In-text citations, reference page, and direct quotes have most errors (according to faculty)
III.Major Point 2: Teaching strategies can help students learn APA style.
a. Activities such as classroom assessment, peer review, error correction, quiz
b. Instructor feedback
c. Rubrics with APA as a category
IV.Major Point 3: Supplemental resources can help students learn APA style.
a. Purdue OWL website
b. APA style blog

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