Winning Hearts and Minds by Roger Peace Essay

One will represent the reading that you like the bestand the other that you like the least. You will then write a comparative two (2) page, doublespaced essay where you will explain the reasoning behind your selections. Remember to make clear your thesis (which is your favorite and least favorite)upfront. The essay will then proceed to an evaluation of each reading’s strengths and/orweaknesses. Your analysis will explain the arguments presented by each author(in other words, what is the author trying to get across to the reader?). You then will appraisethestrength of thearticle’s argument(is it clear? does itaddress animportantquestion?etc.), its use of evidence(does it provide enough information to support its claims?is it convincing?), its methodology(that is,does the author’s approach to the topicwork?),its writing style(is it readable?organized?), and any other criteria that you feel is important. In other words, why does the one essay succeedin making its casewhereas the other one fails?What advantagesanddisadvantages does one have over the other?Remember to back up your opinions with examples and quotes from the two readings (e.g., just stating that something is “poorly written” is not the same as demonstrating it!).On a technical matter, there will be no need for formal citationsjust follow any quotes with the page number in parentheses.Referring back to the comments on the first submission should help improve this effort!

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