University of Michigan South African Tourism Essay

Only Choose ONE prompt to write. need write at least 500 words and three photos or images to help explain.

Choose only ONE to write. Don’t need to write them all!!!

Prompt 1

How does tourism operate in your region? What are primary tourist destinations and can you get a sense of where the majority of tourists come from? What infrastructure (hotels, tours, etc.) are present to attract and house tourists? How are some tourist hotspots advertised to attract people? What does attract tourists? Climate? History? Landscape? Adventure? Relaxing and ‘getting away from the world’?

Prompt 2

What are indigenous (or local) movements against the global and governmental takeover of land or investment in development? What are some of the main projects that are developed? What kinds of resistance are organized? What power does each side exhibit to assert their rights?

Prompt 3

What are some examples of territoriality in your region? Think broad. How does the government assert control of territory it might otherwise only have minimum control over? Remember, even in the US, some rural and mountainous areas the government has less control over and illegal activities are more common (as well as anti-government movements). There might also be external governments working to assert control over another state. Is that happening? How, where, and why?

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