UCF Verbal and Non Verbal Communication Discussion

This assignment is a reflection paper, so by definition, a reflection paper is your chance to add your thoughts and analysis to what you have read, watched, researched, and experienced. A reflection paper is meant to illustrate your understanding of the material and how it affects your ideas and possible practice in the future. While reflections papers can be considered informal, this reflection paper should utilize APA formatting.

Your responses must be comprehensive, using terminology and concepts presented in the primary textbook as well as supplementary resources. Be sure to write in complete sentences and use good grammar, double-spacing, 12 point font, and one-inch margins. Be sure to cite your resources and provide the references using APA format. Remember to reference all work cited or quoted by the text authors.

Just so we are all on the same page, your paper should look like this:

Page 1: APA 7th Edition Cover Page: page numbering in the header, your title (bold), subtitle (bold), your name, university name, course number and name, Professor’s name, and date of assignment.

Pages 2-3: Two pages of APA 7th Edition formatted double-spaced writing reflecting on the chapter while critically exploring your own experiences, goals, and career path. It would be best to discuss how the assigned readings could enhance your journey, future career path, and professionalism. Use subtitles to separate the intro, body, and conclusion. APA formatted in-text citations are required. (250-500 word count for introduction, body, and conclusion combined)

Page 4: References in APA 7th Edition format. Cite the textbook and one other outside source. Do not include references not cited in in-text citations

you will be reflecting to chapter 2 ( the source that I will give you to access) +

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