South Carolina State University Marketing Ethics Paper………

Please view each of the three examples of ethical issues on the course website above. Each example presents a case of a company or companies that have been accused of ethical violations You are to answer the following questions:

  1. Which marketing mix element(s) is/are involved in the alleged ethical violations presented in the article? For each case, identify at least one marketing mix element that is the primary activity involved in the violation.
  1. What do you think is the primary reason for the ethical violation in each case? List each case and provide a brief summary of the cause of the individual violations.
  1. Rank these three cases in order for the most egregious ethical violation to the least. Please state why you think the worst violation should be considered as such.

Before viewing the three examples, you are to review the “Code of Conduct/ AMA Statement of Ethics” posted on the website of the American Marketing Association. The statement can be found at this link:

You must refer to specific elements of the American Marketing Association Code of Conduct/Statement of Ethics in answering each of the three questions about the three examples.

For example, you may think that one of violations involves a company that is misleading consumers about the safety of their product. In this case, you might say that the company is violating the “Honesty” value that is presented in the Code of Conduct. Your answer to question number 1 may be something like:

  • Company A violated marketing ethics by engaging in deceptive advertising (Promotion element of the 4 ps) that claimed its product had safety features that it did not have. The company is guilty of violating the “Honesty” element of the AMA’s Code of Conduct which requires that marketers “Offer products of value that do what we claim in our communications.”

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