SNHU Project Management Software Tool Discussion

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you learned about project management software (PMS) applications you can use to help manage a project efficiently. You have also been exploring some of these tools and applications. In this activity, you will identify one PMS tool that you think can be used to track and monitor the XYZ Business Workflow project efficiently.

For your initial post, answer the following questions:

  • Choose one tool and describe its features and available options. Include a short description of the tool and its features and provide a link, if possible. What do you think are its pros and cons?
  • If you are currently using the tool or have used the tool in the past, discuss your experience. If the tool is new to you, describe how the tool could be useful in managing projects.
  • List one or two other tools you tried and did not choose for this project. Why did you decide not to use this tool?

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