Queaknote Application Launch Delayed Memo

Compose a Press Release in response to this scenario. Please follow the Press Release template. You will need to make up the name of your company, the city, and other information to complete this assignment.

Scenario : You work for a software company and your new product is full of bugs- programming errors that result in less than perfect performance. The company is asking you to write a press release that communicates a delay in the release of the software. You should include an explanation of the problem and an assurance that the contributing factors that gave rise to the situation are being corrected or were beyond the control of the company and its representatives. Try to avoid the implication or indication of guilt or culpability.

To complicate matters, your company is publicly traded. The announcement of a defective software program can send the company’s stock price plummeting. How you release this information will influence how it is received. So try to avoid negative words like ‘bugs’ and ‘errors’ etc. If your letter briefly states that the software program development process has been extended to incorporate additional improvements, the emphasis shifts from the negative to the positive. The bad news then becomes the delay of release instead of the problematic software. Feel free to add details to fill in the story but do not change the basic issue.

Context: something to get readers to know what this letter is regarding. Remind them that originally your new software was supposed to be launched today. Etc.

Reasons: you could say the software is defective but it is best to say something like it is not ready, or it is in the final testing stages, etc

Bad News: the new software’s launch has been delayed

Goodwill Closing: a few sentences that moves on to the positive letting readers (customers and shareholders) know that everything is fine and the software will be out soon.

The secon assignment is in pdf

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