PSYCH 9B UCI Ordinary Intelligence and Learning Measure Report

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Hebbian learning is sometimes summarized with the phrase, “If it fires together, it wires together.” This means that the brain forms habits. If you do push-ups, your pectoral muscles get stronger. In the same way, if you often think a certain way, that pattern of thinking gets easier and more natural for your brain.  

What do you think this means for real life? For example, if you have a religious practice like stopping to say grace or be thankful before you eat, how does that change your brain over time? Similarly, if you are in the habit of complaining and criticizing things all the time, how does that change your brain? 

Can you think of any examples of people you have known in real life who seem to habitually think in certain ways, either positive or negative? Do you think they developed those habits of mind on purpose, or by accident?

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