Mississippi Delta Community College Great Moments in Pharmacy Discussion

Part 1

Reflecting on Great Moments in Pharmacy

These artifacts are a collection of 40 paintings depicting a comprehensive history of pharmacy by artist Robert Thom (1915-1979).

Access the paintings through this URL: https://pharmacistsprovidecare.com/great-moments-pharmacy-painting-series (Links to an external site.)

Select one of the paints you particularly like

Retrieve and analyze information about the subject you have selected.

Write a reflection on both the painting and the information you have retrieved.

Part 2

Week #2

What do you think are the most important impact points of this time period on today’s practice?

How do think things would be different if Pharmacy during the Colonial Time was modeled more on the continental European practice vs. English practice? (Hint: look at chapters on Germany, France, Italy, Spain)

Locate additional resources for the content of Week #2. Describe what you found.

How effective was the PowerPoint material in presenting this information?

What other relevant questions would you ask about this content?

Use these as reference for part 2: Early Pharmacy in America and Kremers, Sonnedecker, and Urdang, Kremers and Urdang’s History of Pharmacy, 4thEdition, AIHP, 1976. ISBN-13: 978-0931292170. (KU)* Pertinent pages available on Google books: https://books.google.com/books?id=r__FmMNS7qIC&lpg… from page 56

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