Mesa Community College Human Body Metabolic Functions Discussion

In at least 100 words, describe how you think that ecology and economics intersects with biology. You can make this as broad or specific as you would like! Comment on the responses of at least two of your peers (minimum 50 words each reply). 


When I think of ecology and economics, I define ecology as being a field that studies the interactions of living beings and economics I think of wealth and financial status. These two subjects may find intersecting with biology due to the fact that humans are a specific organisms and in biology, we study how humans interact in their environment and the impact this causes. These certain instances can cause a shift, whether positively or negatively to the economic spectrum. There may be finances or specifically funding needed to study a specific area of human interactions which ultimately costs or in better cases, benefits the economy.

Ecology is a branch of science that involves the interrelationship between an animals and it’s environment. This includes both biotic and abiotic factors. Economics has to do with the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Ecological economics must then deal with how an animal or population in a specific environment acquires goods like food and gives back to their environment in return. Within the realm of biology, ecological economics looks to be an important part of sustaining a home and life itself. 

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