Marymount University Social Science & Parenting Styles and Implications Paper


Study this guide on how to conduct a literature review.

Reviewing the Literature: A Short Guide for Research Students (Links to an external site.)

Using the NOVA Digital Library (Links to an external site.), find yourself a peer review or scholarly article that is relevant to this course.  Read and write a 2 page review of  the scholarly article using the following prompts:

  • What is the research problem (or the hypothesis)?
  • What is the data gathering strategy?  Explain.
  • What are the variables or concepts in the analysis?
  • What is/are the major findings
  • Your critique: strengths and weaknesses of the article.

Length: 2 pages and double spaced

Resources: Sociology Research Guide by NOVA Library (Links to an external site.). For your reference, here are a few examples of journals on Race and Ethnic Relations to inquire about in the library:

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